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Artur Rzepecki


 Executive Coach & Facilitator conducting development projects for managers and management teams.


I studied Socio-cultural Animation at the University of Silesia (Pedagogy), completed studies in Human Resources Management and graduated from the Strategic Leadership Academy at the ICAN Institute, and I have also completed dozens of coaching courses and training sessions both in Poland and abroad.


My professional experience is in management in the fields of recruitment, training and development planning in large organizations. Beginning in 1995, I spent several years in the FMCG industry, which gave me an opportunity to build HR programs and practices that were also implemented in other countries in Eastern Europe. I then spent more than four years up until the end of the 2003 in charge of recruitment and employee development at Polkomtel. From January 2004 to the end of 2009, I was a partner at Aretes Consultants, where I completed dozens of executive search projects. I also developed and was responsible for the company's coaching practice.


I am an Accredited Coach at the Chamber of Coaching and a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. I have completed over 5000 hours of coaching, mainly for top management.


I have been active in the coaching community since 2004. From April 2009 to April 2011, I was the chairman of the Polish Division of the International Coach Federation.

Since June 2016, I have been a member of the executive committee of the Chamber of Coaching.


I work with Asterys and Acuity Coaching as an associate coach.


I am accredited to work with diagnostic tools—15FQ, Talent Q and Hogan Assessment—and to work with teams and organizations involved with Cultural Transformation Tools.


Since 2009, I have been teaching postgraduate courses in coaching at Kozminski University and since 2012 at the University of Warsaw.





I run individual development programs mainly for managers with extensive experience, as well as team coaching. In my work with senior management, I focus on leadership development, collaboration, and personal performance, as well as on interpersonal communication.


My experience includes the completion of more than 250 coaching projects, dozens of team coaching sessions, dozens of Development Center sessions and hundreds of hours of feedback, as well as 360-degree appraisals, the majority of which were for senior executives.



As a coach, I am most often involved when:


  • a manager wants to strengthen their leadership in terms of following through and being more decisive;
  • a manager with a decisive management style wants to complement this approach by providing positive affirmation to colleagues for their actions and work results;
  • a manager is at an impasse in terms of their professional performance or is facing a crisis of motivation in terms of the performance of their current role;
  • there is a need to improve relations with the team or members of the company management;
  • a team is experiencing a crisis and needs a professional intervention to clear the air and start over;
  • a team wants to make changes in terms of how they act;
  • a management team is preparing to implement significant changes (e.g., cultural changes) in an organization and needs to build a consistent approach and an optimal implementation strategy.

As a consultant, I can offer:


  • sound knowledge of management issues, interpersonal relationships, communication, change implementation and conflict resolution;
  • proficiency in conducting developmental, feedback, coaching and mentoring conversations even for the most demanding senior managers;
  • professional intervention in situations where there is a fundamental need to change a manager's attitude, to give them difficult feedback or to encourage them to look at their behavior from another perspective;
  • advice in situations involving an impasse in terms of professional performance or a crisis of motivation in performing their current role;
  • advice and facilitation when better cooperation is required within the management board and in relations with the board;
  • direction to achieve specific business results through development and advisory activities.

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Artur Rzepecki

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