Executive & Leadership Coaching


  • Support for senior manager in resolving professional and personal dilemmas.
  • The process is completely personalized and tailored to the needs of individuals in leadership positions, their specific challenges and their environment.
  • It involves helping individuals in leadership positions prepare for and implement change, get out of crisis situations or prepare for further managerial challenges or career changes.
  • Relations based on partnership and trust establish the sort of comfort needed to discuss and resolve the most important and most difficult topics.
  • This provides an opportunity for self-reflection, to look at yourself and at issues from a different perspective, to rethink your assumptions and beliefs about management and leadership, as well as to consider other possibilities and models.
  • This is also an opportunity to step back and take a look at yourself and your role from some distance and to add a little fun to the process.


Team Coaching


  • This involves support for individuals in leadership positions and for teams to help them make more effective use of the group's potential.
  • Every team is unique, a system that has its own dynamics. Team coaching is about defining challenges, developing key actions and supporting the team in their implementation.
  • During this process, the coach uses appropriate tools to provide diagnostics. They help define the goals, support dialogue and improve relationships, moderate discussions and resolve conflicts, and help build and strengthen trust between team members.




  • A facilitator stimulates mutual inspiration within a group, inspires creativity, ensures that views are respected, creates an atmosphere of shared discovery, and respects the needs and emotions of participants, leading them to make bold decisions and changes. This leaves the participants feeling astonished by the fact that they were able to achieve so much together.
  • The most effective and most interesting meetings—serving to solve problems, make important decisions or launch key changes in teams and organizations—are usually designed in advance and run by an impartial facilitator focused on the goals of the workshop in a group process and the good of the group.
  • Professional moderation can change listeners into active meeting participants.


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